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Solution of detecting the Infectious diseases


Host quantitative, Pathogen quantitative, Restoring truth, clarify negative and positive, monitoring curative effect

Microbial mNGS localization solution

More papid, more accurate, more effective

Successful Cases

Intelligent molecular testing laboratory, help the diagnosis of infection diseases

New Products

NGSmaster™microbial mNGS automated library preparation instrument

Self-developed (first in China)
A true one-stop automated library building instrument platform

Full automation
120 minuts for whole process of Nucleic acid extraction, Library preparation, Library purification

120 minutes

Unattended Full Process

Nucleic Acid Extraction > Library qualification > Pooling > Ready for NGS


mNGS is a pathogen detection technology based on next generation sequencing, it has the characteristics of short turnaround time, high accuracy, wide coverage of pathogens, it can improve the detection rate of the pathogens which has been proved by sufficient evidence.

Through years R&D, MatriDx has lanched host depletion reagents kits, DNA/RNA Library prep kits and NGS library quantification kit.

About Matridx

Leading the innovation of molecular diagnosis of microorganism

Hangzhou Matridx Biotechnology Co Ltd is an innovative technology enterprise which focuses on the molecular diagnosis of infectious diseases, the headquarter is located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang.We commit to use the leading diagnostic technology to promote the changes of diagnosis of infectious diseases, to make the diagnosis more simple, more rapid and more intelligent. We utilize gene editing (CRISPR/Cas) and high-throughput sequencing (NGS) as the technology platforms, Layout a number of core technology and patents , has already built Multi-level, high-quality product lines and service system in the area of diagnosis of infectious diseases, and can provide the total solution for patients.